Community Driven

SpearMoon is a community driven and fair launch token that thrives.

Automatic Burning

3% on every transaction will be “burned” from the Total Supply.

Rewards Back to Holders

Holders earn passive rewards 3% on every transaction and balance of $SPRM grow indefinitely.


efficient and secure crypto solutions with utilizing Binance Smart Chain Network.



SpearMoon Protocol idea is to provide a Decentralized Deflationary and Community Driven which operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

100% Community-led, 100% Community-driven.

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection while watching their balance of $SPRM grow indefinitely..

Automatic Burning SPRM Token on every transaction The total supply will be scale down.

100% of all LP Tokens burnt; Liquidity locked forever.


Decentralized automated market-making based on the Binance Smart Chain

Swap Protocol allows users to smart swap Tokens. with less gas and saves transaction fees inside the swap contract..

Create, buy and sell digital collectibles secured (NFT) with BEP-721, and BEP-1155.

efficient and secure Staking, you can choose a staking pool that allows your tokens hold to stake and earn directly.

Secure, Easy and Faste without the complications.




Total Supply

100 Trillion maximum supply


3% Burn Every Transaction


3% Distributed to All Holders every Transaction


All supply added to liquidity

Max Per TX

5 Trillion Tokens Max Per TX


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